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Oleg Itzhoki
Updated 14.05.2024

Loan for any purpose for all regions.

Tired of looking for ways to solve your financial problems? Tired of being rejected by banks and MFIs? No possibility to leave your low-paid job? We will help you quickly and safely solve the problem of financial nature. We provide support of the transaction from the application to the receipt of funds. No checks and extortion, deception and fraud. Issuance of credit to pensioners, students of colleges and universities, the unemployed without a certificate of income, surety and collateral. Financial transaction complies with the norms of current legislation. Requirements and conditions: age not less than 18 years, provision of passport and a second document, residence in Canada. The interest rate on the loan ranges from ten to fifteen percent per year. The size of the loan in the range of 3000 – 800 Canadian dollars on the day of application in thirty minutes. Form of communication: cell phone, email.

20 000 $ from 3 before 24 Months.

Favorable conditions! Assistance in organizing the loan!

I offer you my assistance in obtaining a loan up to three thousand Canadian dollars. With repeated application limit can be increased up to five thousand Canadian dollars. I work with all regions. Applications for an emergency loan I accept by e-mail.

100 000 $ from 5 before 72 Months.

Urgently need money? We will help you get a loan or credit on good terms.

We will help you take a loan from 100 thousand to 300 Canadian dollars! Rate 10.7% for up to 7 years. For any purpose on a passport! All types of loans, without risk and investment. We formalize everything according to the legislation of Canada. Bypassing various checks, so credit history, debt loads, court decisions do not matter! Need money – contact us immediately!

90 000 $ from 10 before 24 Months.

Money on loan for any financial problems

If you do not have a permanent job, the banks refuse, there are small delinquencies up to 30 days – we will help you take a loan. Even with a credit load will provide one hundred percent assistance in obtaining funds from the bank. Loans within 300 Canadian dollars. approve within an hour. Larger amounts within one to two days. Each client is provided with an individual approach, make a scheme of interaction with the credit organization. From you need only a passport and an additional document. Bank rates – from 9% per annum. We do not need guarantors, we do not take prepayments. We work with borrowers aged 19 to 70 years, living in Ottawa and the region.

1 000 $ from 10 before 120 Months.

I provide my services without prepayment, do not require on the part of the borrower of any investment before receiving the loan

Help you get approval for a bank loan through the internal system of the partner bank. We will approve clients with current negative credit history, delinquencies and high credit load. Only for clients meeting standard requirements: Citizenship Canada (residence in any region except Denmarka), age from 24 – 60 years, no criminal record. Issuance of approved credit is made strictly in the branch of the bank in Ottawa with full personal accompaniment of the client. Guarantees for the service are provided. There is no need to provide collateral, guarantors or certificates from work (in their absence). All difficulties in the process of processing are taken care of. We do not sell certificates, do not take prepayments and transfers. Personal connections are used. Legally and legally. Please call.

6 000 $ from 11 before 48 Months.

Guarantee assistance in obtaining a loan with a negative history

We will provide comprehensive loan assistance, favorable terms and minimum requirements for borrowers. We help in any circumstances, such as: * negative history * no official employment; * overdue debts on loans and microfinance * many existing loans, credit load; * Court decisions and enforcement proceedings Credit limit: – up to 5000 Canadian dollars in one HOUR; – up to 300 Canadian dollars during the working day requirements for our borrowers: – citizenship Canada; – age from 19 to 72 years; – residence in any region, receipt in the city of residence – punctuality. We provide assistance every day from 9 to 21 hours. FREE CONSULTATION TO ALL

10 000 $ from 4 before 120 Months.

Successfully work in any circumstances of the client, whether it is a negative Credit history, unconfirmed income, bailiffs or low scoring

Employees of the credit organization will help you get credit cards with any Credit history. Form quickly, within 5 days the card with the limit you need will be in your hands! Delivery of the card is carried out in Canada. We provide services on a fee basis with payment before receiving a credit card. Optimal limits, easy processing, low interest rates. We invite regional credit brokers to cooperate.

15 000 $ from 3 before 36 Months.


Loans fast, with any credit history! “Give money in debt” 📖 Dear applicants, we will be glad to help you get a loan in a short time! We will help all applicants to get the necessary amount regardless of credit history and official earnings. We formalize the sums 0t 150t. Canadian dollar. up to 3.5 thousand Canadian dollars. for up to 7 years (84 months)! We work with all regions of Canada. Remote registration will save your time, presence in the bank only on receipt. Sending questionnaires to banks are not engaged in! For details please contact us by e-mail:

9 000 $ from 2 before 48 Months.

Financial assistance. Credit on good terms

By applying for a loan today with our help, you will solve your financial problems. Our credit programs are designed for different segments of the population, including debtors. We take care of the registration and preparation of all documents. You will only need a passport and a second document. Citizenship Canada. Age from 27 to 62 years. There are several proven options for lending in partner banks. Working programs on the basis of partnership agreements. You will be placed individually in line for a favorable loan, regardless of the negative credit history. An agent will work with you personally until you receive cash. You can get the amount from 500 to 700 Canadian dollars. Payment of commission only on the result.

3 000 $ from 8 before 24 Months.

Assistance in obtaining a loan with negative history and financial burden

From my personal savings I will give a loan to persons with any credit history. Refusals my clients categorically do not receive! I guarantee approval, as I do not cooperate with banks. I lend my personal money. Hurry up, the offer is limited. I am waiting for your applications to e-mail.

40 000 $ from 8 before 36 Months.

Help in obtaining a loan up to 5 thousand with any credit history.

Approve credit cards regardless of your credit history. Optimal conditions on cards, not a large interest rate, remote registration. Deliver a credit card within 5 days. Credit history is skipped any up to negative. Brokers are invited to cooperate. Payment is made before receiving the card.

3 000 $ from 7 before 36 Months.

You do not need to make an upfront payment, nor do you need to buy references!

Are you being turned down by the bank? Are you tired of useless running around? Contact us. Great experience allows us to help you in solving your financial problems. We work only with citizens of Canada. Receive money only in the bank and only in cash. Positive decision from 2 hours. NO REFUSALS. by phone or e-mail.

10 000 $ from 4 before 72 Months.

Private loan. Money on the day of application, without prepayments!

Hurry to get money from a private person! Guarantee 100%, high % of approval!
Collateral is not considered, credit history is not interested in (black list, workload, arrears, zero – any), without certificates of salary and official income. Transparent conditions, without imposed commissions.
We work with citizens from 18 years old, as well as with retirees up to 70 years old, living in Canada. Registration remotely with any region of Canada (separately you can consider foreign citizens). Receipt of money on the day of application, quick registration. It is obligatory to have any source of income.
The amount to consider choose yourself up to 8000 Canadian dollars, term and interest – all individually (% minimum, unlike banks and mfo). Have a minimum package of documents available to everyone.
We work every day from 6 – 00 to 22 – 00 in Ottawa. Please write to the post! , do not call (as physically do not have time to process the entire volume of calls).

25 000 $ from 11 before 12 Months.

Honest credit in Samara!

– age from 24 to 65
– any residence registration, except USAa and Denmarka
– availability of work is optional
– payment only upon receipt
– approval up to 300 thousand for 2 hours
– help with a large credit load, with refusals
– strictly confidential
With open arrears, unfortunately, we will not help
Work from 10 to 24 hours, call, we will be happy to help! 🙂

60 000 $ from 3 before 120 Months.

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