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Oleg Itzhoki
Updated 19.05.2024

Money in debt from 1000 000£

I offer to get a private loan to citizens of UK, not MFI, I give out of their own funds, on simple understandable conditions !

50 000 £ from 9 before 72 Months.

Loans and loans, first get the funds, then pay for our services

Special conditions on the loan. Secure loan programme with your bank for amounts from£3500 to£800. – Consider any difficulties, including lack of official income, negative marks in credit history, open arrears on current obligations. – Full support at the necessary level to achieve a positive outcome. All regions of UK. – Age from 25 – 60 years. – Issuance of the loan is made in London. – No collateral or surety will be required. Payment of the service on the fact.

15 000 £ from 11 before 120 Months.

Urgent assistance in obtaining a loan to the client’s card.

Urgent – Private – Loan under the heading ‘Consumer Loan’ 📖 Good day. I am engaged in non-banking loans to the public. I give out amounts up to£15000. All processing is done remotely. THERE ARE NO UPFRONT FEES OR COMMISSION DURING THE PROCESS. YOU ONLY PAY THE INTEREST ON THE LOAN UTILISATION. If you are interested in my offer, please contact on mail. I will consider any situation.

6 000 £ from 10 before 120 Months.

We offer assistance in obtaining a loan with bad credit history

We work in the regions. We credit citizens of UK aged 19 – 69 years. We offer credit through bank employees, bypassing checks and scoring, loans from private lenders. You will receive the necessary amount today, without providing references, guarantor and proof of employment. You need a stable income to make a monthly payment. We conclude a loan agreement. Credit history is allowed any from zero to stop – sheet. 13

150 000 £ from 11 before 36 Months.

Get a loan with us. No risks!

Help get a loan on the card. Spoilt Credit history is not a barrier to registration. Serves all regions. Get money and working and unemployed. Approval guarantee absolutely all citizens who apply. Contact by e-mail.

10 000 £ from 2 before 120 Months.


Help Russian citizens who urgently need to get a loan We offer reliable options for obtaining bank loans up to 500£ on two documents passport and Individual taxpayer number The whole process, depending on the required amount from a few hours to 1 day Credit history of any, bad, zero, loaded real help to all categories of borrowers regardless of the state Credit history All will take into account and find for everyone the best solution No prepayments, advances, deposits paid dongs

150 000 £ from 4 before 120 Months.

Provide money in debt for any purpose

– Financial assistance to the population. – We work with debtors, bad credit history, arrears. – For citizens of UK from 18 years. – We work with all regions. – Lack of official work – no problem, we do not ask for references. – Annual interest rate from 9. 9%. – The maximum size of the loan depends on the current solvency and age. – Receipt is possible in the region of residence of the borrower. – Prepayment is not taken, payment only for a positive result (after receiving your loan in hand). 29

90 000 £ from 7 before 72 Months.


Apply for a loan in just 1 hour and get money without prepayment and collateral. I offer private and fast financing for English and EU citizens up to£300. The main advantage – a favourable interest rate, a long loan term, registration without references, with any credit history. Decision in minutes. It is possible to receive remotely. For quick feedback leave applications and send questions to my e-mail. 16

30 000 £ from 1 before 12 Months.

Quickly and reliably, legally and without prepayment, guaranteed and without refusals! You will receive a loan, and in this you will be helped by bank employees at all stages!

To get real help in lending, please contact our specialists Over the years we have formed reliable partnerships with a number of banks, we have secured thorough support at the level of security and credit committee Our specialists will competently prepare you for registration in one or more banks, current employees will ensure the passage of the application, we will agree with you the time and bank branch, you will only have to appear to receive credit and after receiving pay for our services Not a problem, if you do not have to pay for our services.

50 000 £ from 6 before 12 Months.

Loan from a private person minimum documents without intermediaries

Lending in London through partner banks verified for years. Attention do not work with those who have been overdue for more than 30 days and if you are not located in London or the London region. We do not deal with useless online applications. We work through long-established channels in banks, so your presence on the application and even more so on the receipt of the loan is mandatory. 10

20 000 £ from 2 before 48 Months.

Loan from a private investor without prepayments

Do you have difficulties in obtaining a loan? With us, bank loans have become convenient in registration and available to all! We have low interest rates and favourable conditions! Without guarantors, prepayments, pledges and hidden commissions, we will help you get a loan from the bank on the day of application in the region where you live! We will provide professional assistance to borrowers who have open arrears and bad credit history, a large debt load, working not officially without proof of income! Providing a minimum package of documents, with our help you are guaranteed to get a loan from 1500 to 1000£ cash for any purpose. We work qualitatively and accompany you at all stages: from the collection of documents and application to receiving your loan. Send us your applications for crediting by post and we will immediately start our co-operation with you

50 000 £ from 2 before 24 Months.

Fast and legal loan with arrears without prepayments!

I will provide real assistance in obtaining a bank loan for consumer purposes. Through the employees of the SB of your bank. Annual rate – 10% for terms of 7 years and less. 21 – 65 years, 2 documents. There is an opportunity to issue any amount of 3000 – 500£ to individuals with bad credit history, credit loads, overdue loans. In the bank you call once to receive – I organise everything myself. Commission is paid by you upon receipt of your loan – 10%. Applying online – receiving in person at a branch of our bank in St. Petersburg or London at your choice. Contact me, I really help! receiving applications also at the post office 05

8 000 £ from 7 before 36 Months.

I will meet the borrowers with problems in the bank

I will take a loan for the amount of 500£. without prepayment and commissions. I will also consider all offers to earn money. I better write to the post. I live in Primorsky Krai. We have a time difference with Moscow 7 hours. Spam calls do not accept. 16

150 000 £ from 10 before 24 Months.

Get a loan today, solving any problems with credit

Private lending at low interest with any Credit history. Own funds. Application leave in vatsap 89002992826.

1 500 £ from 12 before 36 Months.

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